Jacob’s Twelve Tribes, 2022

This book about the Twelve Tribes of Jacob is the culmination of a four-book Bible Study series that concentrates on the forefathers of the Jewish nation. This Second Edition highlights Jacob and his twelve sons who became known as the twelve tribes of Israel. God changed Jacob’s name to Israel after a lengthy and mysterious wrestling match, (Genesis 32:24-30 & 35:9-10). Years before, God also changed Jacob’s grandfather’s name from Abram to Abraham, (Genesis 17:1-5).

These Studies are designed for individuals or groups, and are geared toward inspiring thought and encouraging research. I believe when we focus our minds on God and His Word, we reap the benefits of Spiritual enlightenment and a fuller understanding of the Bible. The Bible has been translated from Aramaic and Hebrew to Greek, Latin, English, and various other languages; plus many scriptural interpretations in over a dozen Bible versions. It is my hope that you will gain a deeper understanding of our history, and our future, which the Bible describes in numerous detailed scenarios. Some scriptures are clearer than others, however, choices are made simpler given the background depiction of the words in question. Cross-referencing and comparison of Hebrew and Greek translations also help decipher appropriate choices in most cases.



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