About The Author

TJ Johnson loves writing and teaching about the Bible. Even after 30-plus years of reading and studying the Bible (15 years as a teacher, 20 as a writer), she is constantly amazed at how much more there is to learn.

As Ms. Johnson discovers new revelations, she is anxious to share them with whoever is ready to learn more. She is hoping you will find her books helpful for your Bible study. Of her nine books, four are Bible studies written in question and answer format; four are Bible studies reviewed in puzzle format, and one book is verse & pictures about creation for children.

Other books written by tj johnson:

The Genesis Men, Adam & Sons
The Genesis Men, Noah & Sons
The Genesis Men, Abraham & Sons
The Genesis Men, Jacob & Sons—Twelve Tribes
Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles, Genesis Book One
Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles, Genesis Book Two
Chapter & Verse, Crosswords And Other Puzzles, Verse Variety

Ms. Johnson has written for her church newsletter, neighborhood newspapers, personal interviews, family history, family websites, and editing for various people.

Ms. Johnson now leads small group discussions of her books via Zoom. The group is currently covering selective books of the Old Testament and New Testaments—chapter by chapter and verse by verse. The group is presently in the book of Daniel; completed the book of Revelation last year; and for two years before that, we discussed the complete four-book study of ‘The Genesis Men’; twice by request. Every book is a revelation!