And God Said… Let There Be…

If you want to understand where and how this world originated, then this book of puzzles will help you. Puzzles emphasize that God created the Heavens – Sun, Moon, Stars, and planets; the Earth, the Seas, plus you and me. God created the animals, fish, fowl – including birds, creeping crawlers, plants, our food, trees, and all that the world needed to function at that time.

God made humankind in His Image! And rooted in us intelligence to create all that’s in the world we live in today.

Puzzles range from easy, to intermediate, to challenging, and are geared toward pre-teens and teens. Some are simply finding words in a graph; others match clues with a list of words. All encrouage learning how God spoke into Creation – All Things! Only God can do what God has done! He continues to guide everyday of our lives.

So enjoy. Have fun and learn!



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